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We take a stab at consistent enhancement of our items, other than taking care of measures, reduce cost of age, make movement to customers in least time for the upsides of our customers. Glove items we make are ensured for your safety. Our significant goal is to anchor your time and money, furnishing you with an advantageous affair, guaranteeing your safety.

Our History

Do you know who are we and why are we so confident? We started trading raw skin two decades ago in Asian region. After getting successful, we expanded our business in various continents like Asia, Africa and the Middle East. We know the leather, its fiber, its weakness, its smoothness, its toughness, its reality and everything related to its quality because we started working from the first point and that is trading the leather. We used to trade high quality raw skin around the globe and this made us the most perfect organization in the leather industry because we knew the process from start to end. After achieving this experience, we further moved to the manufacturing processes like converting the raw skin into the leather gloves through completing various processes almost 5 years ago in 2014. As a trader who know the process, who know the raw skin from its depth can better provide you the best quality leather gloves.


We provide comfort, durability and resilience to our gloves by strictly adhering to the highest global standards to ensure our products as of customer choice. We own the reason behind is that each type of glove is manufactured for a specific purpose and is crafted to protect your hands with comfort. We specialize in providing various types of gloves related to Mechanical, Industrial, Driving, Wielding etc. along with daily routine General-Purpose Gloves. Presently, we have intended to provide our services to two regions of this world which are North America and the Middle East.


We are one of the pioneer innovators who know the entire process with perfection and stability but still our consistency and willingness to learn even today make us different. We learn every day something genuine to provide you better hand protection and safety than before. We are consistently adapting to the latest trends and technology of hand protection. We stand by our claim to having the best quality products with excellent customer relationship practices. We know one more process and that is winning the trust of our customers by our most exceptional services.

We have a strong vision to provide the safety and protection to every hand in this world and we intend to be caring, supportive, more innovative and reliable hand safety and protection firm in the market. We aim to provide economical and best quality hand safety and protection products to all the hard-working, creative and motivated hands around the globe.


We aim to develop and deliver exceptional quality products augmented with continuous R&D to keep our working hands safe, secure and confident in all the conditions. We have a mission to help all the motivated and hardworking hands in this world because to Pioneer Gloves every hand has importance.